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Year 7 and 8

The first year of high school is exciting and fun. It can also be a  little daunting. Here at Kambalda West we cater for the whole child encompassing all aspects of growth and development. Health and wellbeing, academic and sporting achievements are all important

parts of a child’s make up.


Communication is the key to all success and we believe in communicating with parents every step of the way. We can never expect to know as much about a child as the parents do, so we encourage families to contact us regularly. There are formal and informal opportunities to develop a three way partnership which will see your child succeeding in secondary school pathways.


The school has dedicated time and energy to creating a safe, engaging and welcoming atmosphere. We REACH to achieve our potential as active compassionate citizens of the Kambalda community. There are clear expectations and boundaries at the school which enable students to understand the world and achieve their talents. Our core values of Respect, Excellence, Aspiration, Connection and Harmony are the center of all practices at Kambalda West District High School.

Courses of Study in Year 7 and 8


Download the
Student Handbook

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