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At Kambalda West we provide a learning experience that matches the students' needs and prepares them for a future, whether it is in the Goldfields, Perth or somewhere else in the world.

A balanced approach with opportunity to experience all aspects of the curriculum is important to us. Early childhood classes offer environments and lessons through a play base approach under the banner of NQS (National Quality Standards for early childhood education) and the Early Years Learning Framework. High school students in Year 7 to 10 participate in compulsory courses (Maths, English, Science and Humanities (MESH) and choose from a range of options and electives that expose them to different industries and pathways for future learning. Senior secondary students complete SCSA approved courses with TAFE and workplace learning to graduate with a WACE (Western Australian Certificate of Education).

Parents and community members have an important and enhanced role within the school. Parents and caregivers are invited to take an active role in working in partnership with the school to ensure the very best outcomes for your child academically, emotionally, socially and physically. Parents are encouraged to monitor their child’s achievement and progress in their classes; as well as communicate with the teachers.

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